PELUM Swaziland

Improving the livelihoods of small scale farmers and the sustainability of farming communities by fostering ecological land-use management.
Introducing the Ezulwini Urban Garden
PELUM Eswatini has embarked on another venture in developing an Urban Garden in Ezulwini. This concept began in 2018 when...
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Compost Training at Mnyokane hosted by Eswatini Organica
In the serene parts of Maguga, PELUM member organizations participated in a compost training at Mnyokane aimed at improving their...
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Basic tools needed for establishing a backyard garden
The adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt in most households through the financial burden brought about by...
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Improving Food Security in Eswatini

In eSwatini, everyone is a farmer. It’s in our blood. It is our heritage. Most Swazis farm not for profit but to ensure their families have enough to eat. But in recent years, agricultural productivity in eSwatini has been low. This can be directly related to the changing climate, unavailability of locally adapted seed varieties and a lack of knowledge of ecological farming practices. PELUM Swaziland is working to make sure every household can produce their own food in an environmentally sustainable way.