Basic tools needed for establishing a backyard garden

The adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt in most households through the financial burden brought about by job losses.

However, there is something that can be done to ease the burden of food shortages and as well as eating healthy for less. All households are encouraged to start backyard gardens, but most people assume that starting a garden is costly which is not necessarily the case.

Before establishing a backyard garden one needs to check the soil quality because gardening success depends on the soil quality. After testing the soil make sure the area where you need to plant is well fenced to protect your crops from domestic animals like chickens, dogs, etc.

One can use the tools they have at home because starting a garden does not necessarily require buying new tools. Yes, there are a couple of several tools that are needed for gardening like an angled shovel (triangular-shaped head) that helps in digging holes, moving soil, and relocating plants and usually, in almost every household this tool is available.

Another essential tool is a trowel (a hand-held trowel) it helps for a multitude of the everyday gardening task, including breaking up clumps of soil, digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, and even digging up weeds, however, it is important to select one with a metal blade and sturdy wooden handle.

The hosepipe is good when putting plants directly in the ground, however, it should have a sprayer attachment for controlling water flow and pressure. If a hosepipe is not available a watering can be used and it’s also very good especially the one that is lightweight for carrying it to be easy even when it is full.

A garden rake is also an essential tool that is used to clean up grass clippings and other loose materials allowing easily smooth level soil while removing unwanted weeds. On another note consider buying a wheelbarrow for removing large quantities of soil, mulch, compost, and plants, but a plastic wheelbarrow is highly recommended as it is less heavy and much cheaper.

There are other garden tools that one can buy, however, they are not as important thus they can only be bought when the budget allows like the gardening gloves which helps to prevent blisters and scratches, not to mention keeping hands clean especially those with cinch able wrist straps to keep soil from getting inside.

Gardeners are advised on the importance of keeping garden tools clean after every use, washing them, and putting them under shelter to protect them from rainwater which can cause rust thus forcing you to go back to the shops again.

For best results water your garden in the morning when temperatures are cooler.