Community Ecological Management and Sustainable Livelihood by Tenvelo

Tenvelo has engaged in a variety of activities that align with their current project, which focuses on Community Ecological Management and Sustainable Livelihood (CEMSL). These efforts consist of workshops and training sessions on agroforestry and climate change-related topics, held in both Kalanga and Siphocosini.

Through collaboration with the Eswatini National Trust Commission (ENTC), the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, the Department of Forestry at Siteki, and Community Development Committees for the respective areas, Tenvelo has successfully executed a series of activities to preserve the environment and enhance the development of Lubombo Region communities.

It is crucial to work together in this way as it is only through collective effort that we can achieve our shared goals. Tenvelo is dedicated to fostering strong partnerships and collaborations aimed at improving both society and the environment. In addition, Tenvelo has participated in various events, such as celebrating World Environment Day at Mavuso with other environmental stakeholders.