Encouraging Organic Farming in Eswatini through Farmers Markets

PELUM Eswatini continues to participate in the Ekuphileni Farmers Market aimed at promoting the sale of organic produce from local farmers and NGOs. This Market is primarily a useful awareness-raising tool for spreading the message of sustainable living and has served as a platform for raising the visibility of PELUM and the work we do as a network.

Fig1.1: The PELUM Stall at the Ekuphileni Farmer’s Market.

Ekuphileni Farmer’s Market is a monthly market that helps communities of small farmers and producers. The main focus is to provide everyone with direct access to locally grown organic produce, homemade/baked goods, and eco-friendly products. PELUM Eswatini has been involved in its member organizations as a way of getting a market for member organizations and promoting their organic products and preserves that include homemade chilies, Peanut Butter, and many more. This has also been a good avenue for fundraising and we have encouraged our Member Organisations to take part in the market.

It is also a great platform to network with like-minded people and improves our reach as an organization. Guba also hosts a Maker’s Market in Malkens, where different organic farmers in all four regions of the country come through to display their products. The PELUM Team also puts up a stall with fresh vegetables and preserves from local organic farmers.