Programmes Officer

  1. Report to: Country Coordinator
  • Specific duties and responsibilities:
  • Assist in the training of staff, member organizations, and lead farmers on ecological agriculture systems.
  • Ensure farmers/ member organizations are followed up regularly and trained on agroecology and ecological land use management.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of PELUM projects in communities.
  • Assist in the drafting of funding proposals to implement ecological agriculture activities.
  • Participate in developing Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials.
  • Assist in conducting awareness-raising campaigns, events, information dissemination workshops, etc.
  • Undertake sporadic field visits to monitor programme implementation and capture information for publication and documentation.
  • Take part in the dissemination of communication materials to relevant stakeholders.
  • Maintain the documentation management system (hard copy and on the network)
  • Most Important Contacts:
  • PELUM Country Coordinator
  • PELUM Member Organisations
  • Donor Partners
  • ACAT National Director
  • Performance Indicators:
  • Must have been able to assist in all planned training and activities for member organizations and farmers.
  • Must have assisted in drafting at least one funding proposal for ecological land use management projects.
  • Proper documentation of PELUMs impacts specifically how women are benefitting from our work.
  • Regular consultation with the PELUM Country Coordinator.
  • Personal Characteristics:
  • Willingness to commit additional time and effort when the need arises.
  • Willing and prepared serve in the NGO sector
  • Willing to share knowledge and skills with other staff, good listener.
  • Education Requirements:
  • Diploma (Agriculture/Agroecology/similar qualification) and a demonstrated passion for ecological land use management and sustainable farming and environmental conservation.

Interested applicants should submit their CV and application before the close of business on October 20th, 2019 to