Mbabane Urban Garden Project Officer Visits Happy Feet Farms

… attends intensive Permaculture Design Course in Groot Marico…

PELUM Project Officer, Phiwokuhle Shongwe, attended a ten-day Permaculture Design Course at Groot Marico found in North West province South Africa, on the Happy Toes Farm.

The course focused on an introduction to permaculture its influence, history, principles, and ethics, as well as issues of energy and sustainability. The training had practical sessions aimed at helping to enhance the understanding and functionality of each component.

We are very fortunate to have been afforded this opportunity for Phiwo to participate in this training because it has enabled him to be part of a team that conducted the design of the Mbabane urban garden project which will be used as an Agroecology Training and Demonstration Centre in Mbabane.

One of the key things he found interesting and useful during the training was the different soil profiles, the soil layers, the different soil types, and their properties. This will assist in classifying the type of soil that is at the Mbabane Urban Garden.

He also gathered information on the elements that make up water and different irrigation methods which we will now be implementing at the Agroecology Training Centre/Mbabane Urban garden.

Another interesting element that he observed at the permaculture course was that of harvesting water, storing and conserving it. Later during the course, he learned about the different plants and their essential nutrients, their structures and plant nutrition which all would assist which type of plants will grow well in the garden. We are thankful for all the support that enabled Phiwo to attend this training especially since the information he learned will now be used to enhance the Agroecology Training and Demonstration garden and also be shared with visitors of the Mbabane Urban Garden.