Our History

After years of trials, wishes, and expectations, it is a great moment for us to witness the birth of PELUM Eswatini. Since the beginning of 2000, citizens of the Kingdom of Eswatini, passionate about agroecology and biodiversity conservation, alive to the inevitable responsibility of the present generation to deliver a productive and healthy nation to the future generations, concerned about attempts by multi-national corporations to monopolize productive means of small-scale producers have desired for this moment.

After endless efforts to get PELUM Eswatini established in the Kingdom of Eswatini, the news of the official endorsement of PELUM Eswatini by the Regional PELUM Board in February 2014 in Lusaka, Zambia settled the hearts of the pioneers of the Eswatini chapter of this dynamic regional grouping. Indeed our nation deserves to be part of these revolutionary times.

We are indebted to founding member organizations of PELUM Eswatini for their determination, steadfastness, and commitment to breaking new ground and being counted amongst those first organizations to start the PELUM network in Eswatini. We shall be forever grateful for the support and guidance given to us by the PELUM Regional Secretariat, especially the General Secretary, Mr Faustin Vuningoma.

We are so grateful to be part of such a big family which has already demonstrated its love and excitement for the new baby, PELUM Eswatini. We promise to be remaining true, honest and committed to the ethos and principles of PELUM for the benefit of the people of Eswatini and the World over.