World Environment Day Celebrations at Lozitha

It is with great pride that PELUM sponsored the momentous celebration of World Environment Day at Lozitha High School. The event was attended by a host of respected stakeholders, such as the Eswatini Environment Authority (EEA), MTN, United Nations Eswatini, and All Africa Tours.

Fig: 1.1. Lozitha High School Students posing for the lenses with volunteers from All Out Africa after picking up litter (First Component) at Lozitha.

The festivities were comprised of two integral components: the first being waste collection in the surrounding area of Lozitha. This was aimed at promoting a cleaner, healthier environment for the Lozitha community. The second component involved a tree-planting initiative. Trees were planted in close proximity to Lozitha High School, with the intention of enhancing the natural beauty of the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

Fig: 1.2. A representative watering an indigenous tree after completing the second component of the event.

Overall, PELUM was delighted to have the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful event and to contribute to the advancement of environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Fig: 1.2. PELUM Communications and Advocacy Officer addressing St. Marks High School Students at the PELUM Stall.