“Your Health is in your hands” Agroecology Workshop

PELUM, a network of civil society organizations working towards sustainable agriculture and natural resource management, recently hosted an enlightening Agroecology Workshop. The theme of the workshop was “Your Health is in Your Hands,” and it aimed to emphasize the critical role of agroecology in promoting health and nutrition among small-scale farmers. Despite their commendable efforts in producing food, small-scale farmers often lack knowledge about the health benefits of adopting agroecology-based concepts.

Fig 1.1: Bonginkosi Mndzebele from Guba making his presentations during the workshop.

The workshop provided an interactive platform for member organizations to evaluate and identify gaps in small-scale food production using agroecology with assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture. The ultimate goal of the workshop was to bridge the gap between indigenous food production and consumption, and it succeeded in fostering a better understanding of the importance of agroecology in promoting sustainable agriculture, enhancing food security, and improving public health.

Fig 1.2: A group picture of participants after the workshop.