Networking with Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) in Eswatini

Tenvelo is an NGO that provides training, coaching, and mentorship support to communities on activities and programs based on addressing the plight of marginalized groups of people. Programs that have an emphasis on eco-friendly go-green initiatives. Tenvelo became a member of the PELUM network in 2018 since then there had been a mutual understanding with the network. From joining the network Tenvelo has benefitted a great deal from PELUM Association, through activities are as follows:

  • Collaboration in implementing a tree-planting project where 1000 indigenous trees were planted in KaZulu and Luzelweni.
  • Tenvelo has received material support in the form of seeds and seedlings in 2020 and 2021the aimed at building resilient seed systems across Eswatini through the promotion of locally adapted farmer saved seeds, their storage, and multiplication. Agroecology practices were implemented in Sphocosini, Motjane, and Lugongolweni, where 44kg maize and 44 kg bean seeds, and 4400 seedlings of assorted vegetables were received in 2020 while 3 000 seedlings were received in 2021.
  •  Learning opportunities for Tenvelo staff have been plentiful especially during exchange visits which enable interaction among the member organizations within the country.
  • Workshops, seminars, and meetings are organized by the PELUM Eswatini to uplift its member organizations on Ecological Land Use Management (ELUM).