Agroecology Training and Demonstration Centre Open Day

PELUM recently hosted an open day for its partners and member organizations to provide them with a comprehensive overview of the garden’s progress and different allocation areas. The event started with an informative tour of the garden. The participants were divided into pairs and accompanied by project assistant officers who explained the various aspects of the garden, including the plants, trees, flowers, and other elements.

During the tour, the participants were also briefed on the different projects and initiatives that have been launched within the garden. They were shown the different areas where vegetables, fruits, and herbs were being cultivated. The various techniques being used to maximize crop yield while minimizing the environmental impact were also highlighted during the tour.

After the tour, the participants gathered for a feedback session led by the Programmes Manager and the Coordinator. The feedback session was a lively and interactive forum where the participants had an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. The Programmes Manager and the Coordinator responded to all the queries and suggestions. The participants left the event feeling satisfied and empowered.