COSPE Slow Food Expo

An impressive gathering of over 80 farmers from the Lubombo Region took place recently at the
Siteki Municipality. The purpose of their meeting was to attend a traditional vegetable food
exposition, where they were taught innovative ways to cook vegetable dishes in partnership with
TAVI. The event was made possible through the support of TAVI, an organization that is committed
to promoting food security in every household in Eswatini. Furthermore, GLM was invited to
showcase recycled materials from Small Scale Farmers.

Fig 1.1: Zama Maziya from COSPE leading the proceedings.

The exposition provided a unique platform for highlighting the importance of including traditional
wild-leaf vegetables in gardens. These vegetables are not only beneficial for human health but also
have excellent market potential and zero costs. The farmers were eager to learn more about these
vegetables and the possibilities they present.

Representatives from TAVI, PELUM, and COSPE led discussions on various topics, including nature
conservation, cooking, and green farming methods. Attendees were provided valuable insights

and skills to implement in their farming practices. Local school students were also
present at the expo, demonstrating their support for the preservation of Swazi Foods and promoting
sustainable agroecology practices in their communities.

Fig 1.2: Some of the displayed Slow Food at the Expo for tasting.

Overall, the traditional vegetable food exposition was a resounding success, providing farmers with a
unique opportunity to learn, share, and network with like-minded individuals. The event was a
testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of promoting sustainable farming
practices in Eswatini.