Eswatini youth champions of agroecology

Dlamini Banele Buckum is a 24-year-old young man who was inspired to explore the world of agroecology by a project he did while he was a student at Khuphuka High School.

Banele has received further training from one of our member organizations ACAT Lilima Eswatini where he learnt the different techniques of agroecology.

Today he implements what he has learned to grow organic vegetables, mainly green leafy vegetables, for his family.

This inspiring young man is also part of the Khuphuka Youth Organization where he shares his knowledge on agroecology practices and the importance of agroecology to the environment. To improve soil quality and he promotes the use of goat and chicken manure and home-made bio pesticides to control harmful pests in his garden.

What is quite admirable about Banele is that through his passion for agroecology and environmental conservation, he selflessly conducts peer-to-peer training with the youth in his community, advises them on why it is advantageous, why it is important to practice agroecology, and the dangers of conventional farming and poor land-use practices.