Shewula Exchange Visit

PELUM is a reputable organization that offers a wide range of programs and services to support its partner and member organizations. Recently, PELUM organized a visit to the Lubombo Region as part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen its member organizations and execute projects that can benefit society as a whole.

Fig: 1.1. Participants following the proceedings during the presentation about the processing of Honey.

During the visit, PELUM and its member organizations paid a visit to the Lubombo Eco Products Food Processing hub located in Shewula. This hub is renowned for processing organic chili and honey obtained from small-scale women farmers in the Lubombo region. These products are then sold in local supermarkets across Eswatini, making them easily accessible to a larger market.

Fig: 1.2. Mr. Tsabedze from Vusumnotfo posing for the lenses during the proceedings while following the presentations.

Supported by COSPE, PELUM’s partner, the visit aimed to equip member organizations with the necessary skills required to implement similar projects in their respective communities. The primary objective was to promote sustainable development in the region.

Fig: 1.3. The processing hub building at KaShewula.

Thanks to the success of the visit, member organizations now have valuable knowledge and experience that they can utilize to execute similar projects in their communities. PELUM remains committed to providing programs and services that enable its partners and member organizations to carry out projects that can benefit society as a whole.