Vuvulane Field Visit

PELUM, committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, organizes meetings where members and partners exchange insights and best practices in agroecology. In a recent event, 27 participants from various organizations had the opportunity to visit Khulekani Msweli’s farm in Vuvulane, a large community in the Lubombo region of Eswatini. Msweli, who runs a farm-to-table organic restaurant, soup kitchen, and eco-sustainable house, demonstrated how his practices have positively impacted the community.

During the visit, Ndlangamandla explained his farming techniques, including composting, crop rotation, and cover cropping, all promoting soil health and fertility. The participants also got to see how his restaurant and soup kitchen operate, which offer fresh, organic, and locally sourced food to the community, promoting a healthy diet. Msweli’s eco-sustainable house, powered by renewable energy sources, showcased how sustainable practices can be integrated into everyday life.

The visit was a unique opportunity for participants to witness the practical application of sustainable practices and their benefits to the community. The visit left the participants inspired to implement similar practices in their communities, promoting healthy living, and sustainable agriculture.