Exchange Visit at Eswatini Organica

PELUM Eswatini’s Strategy Plan 2021-2025’s programs and services pillar is inspiring member
organizations to learn from each other and implement new ideas in their communities. The
extension officers of these organizations are eager to share their newfound knowledge with small-
scale farmers in their areas.

Fig 1.1: ESNAU representative participating during the seedlings making practical facilitated by Mr. Weatherson.

During the Exchange Visit, Eswatini Organica, a partner of PELUM Eswatini, showcased their diverse
permaculture activities such as composting and seedling making at Malkerns, using locally available
inputs. The Exchange Visit was well attended by member organizations including ESAFF, ESNAU,
GLM, Tenvelo, ECC, ERWA, COSPE, BERCS, NLL, Caritas, and TIA. This visit is a testament to the power
of collaboration and the positive impact it can have on communities.