Green Cities Project Launch

PELUM alongside member organization GLM, and Tenvelo, were invited by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in collaboration with FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture, to the Green Cities Project Launch. Attendees were greatly impressed by the innovative materials showcased by PELUM that can be used for backyard gardens in limited spaces. These materials, such as 2-liter bottles, sacks, and 5-liter containers filled with compost and topsoil ready for planting, were highly appreciated by those keen on learning how they can utilize them in their gardens.

Fig: 1.1. The PELUM Stall with various displays that portray Urban and per-urban approaches.

PELUM’s Agroecology Training and Demonstration Centre project at Ezulwini was also presented at the stall, highlighting the encouragement of urban and peri-urban residents to produce food using locally available inputs. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development emphasized the project’s primary objective of promoting green cities in urban areas. Those passing the stall praised PELUM’s innovative approach to promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Fig: 1.2. Fresh organic veggies from the PELUM Backyard Garden.

Moreover, GLM showcased the creativity and resourcefulness of small-scale farmers by presenting an array of recycled materials, such as portable handbags, recycled paper bowls, and household display ornaments. The event demonstrated how collaboration between organizations can lead to sustainable solutions for urban and peri-urban residents. It was a successful event that inspired attendees to implement sustainable agriculture practices in their communities.