PELUM Member Organizations’ Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The highly anticipated Annual General Meeting was held at the esteemed venue of Caritas Manzini, with a distinguished gathering of Directors from Member Organizations in attendance. The proceeding featured PELUM-appointed auditing firm, K.Q. and Associates, who presented a comprehensive report on PELUM’s financial status to the attentive and discerning audience.

Fig: 1.1. Directors from Member Organizations during the proceedings.

The meeting also marked the election of the new Board of Directors, a momentous occasion that was carried out in strict accordance with the PELUM Association Constitution. The newly appointed Board comprises eminent personalities, with ADRA serving as the Chairman, GLM as the Vice Chairman, COSPE as the Treasurer, and Red Cross, ERWA, Tenvelo, and ACAT as the Board Members. This promises to be an exciting and fruitful journey for PELUM, and we look forward to the collective efforts of this esteemed Board in achieving the organization’s objectives.